Fans Squid Token

Fans Squid Token is a community of fans of the movie Squid Game and cryptography in general. The community invites you to become a part of it and take part in the development of the token.
The goal of the project is to establish a connection with 18 actors of the SQUID GAME series and award each of them the famous sum of 45,600,000,000 FST.
At the moment , we have managed to establish contact with 2 actors who are currently checking the project with their advakats . After they are convinced of the honesty and transparency of the project, they will gladly accept and support the Fans Squid project. Letters with a proposal were written to the rest of the actors, but the answer has not yet been received, or rather the messages have not yet been read.
We will try to firmly establish ourselves as an accepted token and represent the interests of each of the actors in the future, including the wonderful producer Hwang Dong-hyeok, financing bold ideas for implementation. This is our main goal, there are still ideas for the development of the project, but we will be able to talk about them later.


I believe that we are a team of enthusiasts with great ambitions. Therefore, I ask you to think carefully before investing in the project, we cannot predict the future development of the project


11 Trillion

General offer

Pre-sale/PancakeSwap – 52%
Actor’s Game – 8%
Burned Squid – 40%



Pre-sale – 34%
PancakeSwap – 19%



This is the main tool for the development of the token where you are the main player. These tokens are only formally with us in reality, we will not be able to dispose of them, much less sell them. In any case, trust comes with time and we will not let you down.


Burned Squid

In this kitchen we will fry Squid.



Liquidity blocked – 60% 1 year.
Marketing Push – 40% From pre-sale.

So far, this is a preliminary calculation and all these points play an important role for the planned goals. The final decision will be announced 1 day before the pre-sale. The liquidity lock may only increase, but it will not decrease.


Commission per transaction
We are of the opinion that an additional commission is unacceptable for a number of reasons. We think there is no need to explain this, this is our position.

Road Map

English: This table is included in the roadmap, having 8% of the total supply for a reason.

We present to your attention a roadmap of 18 wallets, each of which has a prize fund of 45.6 billion FST.

And now the most interesting thing. Do you know who these wallets belong to?

That’s right, to all the actors of the series!

At the moment, 18 actors have social networks installed, to which we will offer 45,600,000,000 tokens after launch.
We know that we may not be able to contact all the actors or one of the actors will refuse tokens. In such cases, we will simply burn these bags.

At the second stage, after the pre-sale, AIRDROP, where each of you will be able to personally ask each actor about receiving tokens.

So, will we send Squid fans to Mars?



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